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Our Vision
The Organization is in process of obtaining ISO Certification thereby confirming our “TOTAL QUALITY” principle which has been our characteristic feature since inception. We are committed to serve our customers with the trademark of “Al Khamisain Hardware”.
The Organization
To assure the best quality of service, a well organized system is essential. All the departments work together to attain a systematic, well planned, timely delivery to our most valued customers. Our Organizational chart explains how our departments are linked to attain this goal.
Material Inspection
All materials arriving at our test lab are checked for visual and dimensional perfection by our Engineers. A test sample is checked in our laboratory to confirm the specification according to Order and Supplier’s Quality Test Certificate.
Production and Planning
Regular and random checks are constantly applied at any stage of Production. The samples are checked for threads, dimension material quality etc… All Instruments and apparatus involved with Quality Assurance are periodically checked and re-calibrated by a recognized institute.
Quality Assurance
Our commitment towards product quality is underlined by our qualified, experienced and highly motivated Engineers in the Quality Assurance department. The professional competence and quality consciousness of our staffs guarantee conformity of the products to the specification requirement. Test Certificate is issued to products that meet the required standards by this department.
Logistics – State of Art Support
Delivery of products to any corner of the world at the earliest time with minimum cost and with the best service is made possible through our state-of-art Logistic department. We have a fleet of delivery trucks which make the delivery of items within the Kingdom in the minimum amount of time.
Warehouse – The Stockyard of Our Vast Resource
We have two giant warehouses within Dammam to take care of our immense stock and to deliver the products to our valued customers with the best packing and quality service, everything in coordination with logistics. Currently we have around Forty Thousand (40,000) various items readily available to meet the user demand with the backup of more than 15,000 Tons of stock quantity available at our two Warehouses, to ensure undisrupted supply of any ordered quantity.
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